Specialists in vibratory tumbling, shotblasting, polishing & laser engraving

With vibratory tumbling or blasting you remove degrees mechanical in a very cost effective manner. The methods can also be used to improve the surface or structures on the parts before coating.

The company has 20 machines including 10 vibrating drums, 10 automated- and manual blasting machines, two grinding machines and two lasermarking systems.

With our equipment we can process all kinds of metals and materials. For example brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc, plastic and bakelite.

AN Industriservice AB is a family business in Stockholm with over 30 years of experience in the engineering industry, with expertise in vibratory tumbling, shotblasting and laser engraving. We are mainly mercenary provider and works with both small and large companies in Sweden and Scandinavia.

We always work to keep the highest quality. We therefore look to continually update our fleet, developing new methods to provide our customers with the best conditions.

Our driving force is our customers and our goal is to offer:

- Good service

- High quality

- Quick delivery

We see the relationship with our customers as one of the most important cornerstones of our business. With the help of a close collaboration with our clients it allow us to create and develop working methods that gives the best results.

We work with an environmental management system according to the standard, Svensk Miljöbas. The criteria are based on ISO 14001 / EMAS.


Vi är specialister inom vibrationstrumling, blästring & lasermärkning


AN Industriservice AB

Birger Dahlérus Väg 12, Hus A5

176 69 Järfälla


AN Industriservice AB- GDPR»

Ny lokal»

AN Industriservice flyttar in i nya lokaler om 830 kvm.

ISO 9001 certifierade»

AN Industriservice har nyligen blivit ISO 9001 certifierade via Qvalify.

Lasermaskin - EMS400 »

AN utökar och investerar i en ny lasermaskin. EMS 400 med nyaste tekniken.

Högglanspolering »

AN satsar på ett nischat område, drag finishing/släpslip.

Miljödiplom - Svensk Miljöbas »

Järfälla kommun har tillsammans med Svensk Miljöbas ett eget miljöledningssystem, anpassat för små och medelstora företag, som vi kallar Järfälla kommuns Miljödiplomering.


Tel: 00 46 8 583 50 500

Fax: 00 46 8 583 50 511

Mail: info@anindustriservice.se